How to to enter referral code in Webtoon app and get free coins

If you're eager to earn some free coins on the Webtoon app by entering a referral code, the process is pretty straightforward. One user who shared their experience gave a step-by-step guide on how to successfully complete this task in a recent video.

  1. Find a Friend with a Webtoon Account: The first step involves having a friend who is already using the Webtoon app. Your friend will then need to share an invite link with you to initiate the process.
  2. Click on the Invite Link: Once you receive the invite link from your friend, make sure to click on it. This step is crucial as it will allow you to enter the referral code and claim your free coins.
  3. Log In or Sign Up: If you already have a Webtoon account, ensure that it is not older than seven days. Clicking on the invite link will prompt you to log in or sign up for an account.
  4. Enter the Referral Code: After clicking on the invite link and logging in, you will be directed to a screen where you need to enter a specific code found at the end of the URL. Copy this code and input it into the designated field.
  5. Claim Your Free Coins: Upon successfully entering the referral code, you will be rewarded with three free coins. These coins can be utilized within the Webtoon app to access premium content.

Remember, the free coins are a valuable incentive that can enhance your overall experience on the Webtoon app. So, why not give it a shot and see how it works for you?

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