How to turn off 0.5 focus in BeReal? Ultra wide focus

so this is a quite popular question so how to turn off zero five focus on the real app so this is like an ultra wide lens Focus which is available starting from iPhone 12 Pro or something like that um so so and a lot of people on Reddit everywhere just asking is there a way to make the be real app stop using the ultra wide lens on iOS my ultrawide camera is crack and all photos look very blurry it would be great if I could use it just a normal lens instead um so and unfortunately you can't do this at the moment there is no solution I just browse multiple Reddit threads there's just some reply here uh unless be real adding a feature that lets you choose the lens there doesn't seem to be a solution to this the only thing you can do is to frame the front camera and sit still um then swap to the rear camera while sitting still and zoom it's pretty dumb so that's what you can do and yeah people are asking for it for like months for this feature yeah this is like a new feature on iPhone 12 starting and it's like seems It's defaulting to this widespread camera on your iPhones on burial so there you have it

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