How to UNLINK PARTNER in locksmith widget app?

If you're using the Locksmith Widget app and want to unlink a partner, the process is quite simple. Just follow the steps outlined in this video transcript.

Firstly, open the app on your device and tap on the plus icon located in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. From there, locate your partner within the list of access codes and tap on their name.

Once you've selected your partner, you'll notice three dots appear in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Tap on these three dots to access additional options.

Within the menu that appears, you'll be given the ability to either unlink or block your partner. Select the unlink option to remove your partner's access to the app.

It's worth noting that you can add multiple individuals to the Locksmith Widget app without any issues. This feature allows you to easily and securely share access codes with friends, family members, colleagues or anyone else who may require access to your property.

In summary, unlinking a partner in the Locksmith Widget app is a straightforward process. Simply locate your partner within the app, tap on the three dots icon, and select the unlink option. With these steps, you can manage and update your access codes with ease!

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