How to upgrade to ChatGPT PLUS? Easy overview

there how to upgrade to chat GPT plus so yeah just open in your web browser this app go to sidebar and then I now have this option this button and I you can see big new label to the right of it it's called upgrade to plus and yeah it's like super simple pop-up where you can just tap on it and then you have a cha GPT Plus for twenty dollars per month available even when demand is high faster response speed Priority Access to new features and free plan is available when demand is slow standard response speed regular model updates so yeah here you can just tap upgrade plan it's 20 dollars per month um uh then you can just see a description then instantly you can see that there is like v80 because for example if you're based in Europe uh then that would be the situation so here you can see here and then yes so here is just like a standard stripe checkout you have um and yeah so that's basically the idea um yeah or you can just use apple pie so you can use apple pie or you can use card whatever you like and then just enter the card information it's not possible to use PayPal at the moment um so only like I'm using an iPhone so you can use cards or Apple pay

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