How to upgrade to God mode and see who liked you in GAS app?

so here's guys app if you tap on inbox in top left and then tap on a on activity so here you will see that you got picked up in a flame meaning someone voted for you in the polls and in the bottom you see this button see who sent it so just tap on that and basically you will see an option to upgrade to the god mode also here that's basically the same screen in in just your inbox tab you will see the same so yeah just see who likes you with the gold mode uh so reveal two names per week completely you can get unlimited hints which is just the first letter get double coins on balls secret crush alerts a girl added her to pulse and then uh three people like you see who likes you with the god mode and San Paul's anonymously as well so yeah that's how you can upgrade and then you will be able to see who sent uh who sent this uh Paul but there is one wants me to know if the person who sent the poll is also using God mode you won't be able to reveal that I just did a screenshot here so let me just show you um so here is a screenshot so basically yeah you can sometimes you can see that that this ball cannot be revealed the sender used god mode to send it anonymously and then uh yeah you just see this ghost icon in the top right so something around that uh hope this is helpful

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