How to upgrade to GOD MODE in GAS app?

How to upgrade in Gas app. The premium plan is called God Mode in this app. God Mode can be purchased by tapping in the button, See Who Likes You on your inbox or outside of a poll you have received. It is currently being rolled out to a limited number of users, so check back to see if you have it.

This app is only available in few states of the United States right now. Only in these users, where you have your school available, only a small chunk of that user have this God Mode premium plan. But the app is built and being rolled out to everyone.

I'm just reading here support center because I still don't have access in my region. Is God Mode private? God Mode is 100% private. Gas doesn't show which users have God Mode. Why do you need this? Obviously, the main reason is that you want to see who voted for you, who liked you.

It says that you can see the first letter of someone who voted for you. In case of two bonus reveals, you can see the full name of someone who voted for you twice. That's basically it. If someone voted for you twice, it's possible to see the full first name. That should be enough, especially if you're in the same class. There you have it.

I don't know what is the price of this mode? We might guess. People feel comfortable sending compliments almost anonymously. If every poll was revealed, fewer compliments would be sent. Unless you absolutely must know who sent a poll, we hope you can enjoy the app without spending any money. It's more fun when it's a mystery anyway.

But I don't know what is the price? I think it shouldn't be that expensive. But that's that. When I will have full access to the app, I will show you more details.

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