How to upload longer videos in Twitter Blue? Tutorial

so here is Twitter app and if you upgraded to Twitter blue as um did right now so here you can also uh upload longer videos uh um so you can upload and Tweet videos that are up to 60 Minutes long and high resolution on and up to 10 minutes long on IOS and Android and you can also share it in full HD video um so yeah you can see all of that uh so yeah just upgrade to Twitter blue and now this feature is available so if if I want to upload some video you can see it's like uh here's for example and then I need to send now so yeah and now it's being uploaded as you can see it's like seven minute video it's like pretty cool um so yeah that's basically the idea uh so give it a try uh I think there will be more and more video content on Twitter hopefully and Elon Musk was talking about more like opportunities for creators and monetization and all of that for video content similar as it is on YouTube Tick Tock Instagram reels um so it's pretty exciting let's see how it develops so yep now the Tweet is sent and you can see this content and you can see all of that tweet activity

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