How to use AI FANTASY app? Talkie alternative

AI FANTASY is a popular app that is gaining significant traction in the charts. It serves as an alternative to the well-known talkie app. The concept of AI FANTASY revolves around allowing users to engage in chat conversations with various AI characters. Currently, the app is in active development and offers several attractive deals, making it a cost-effective option compared to similar AI character apps like Tokyo.

Upon opening the app, users can search through different categories of bots to find their desired AI character. The more conversations you have, the better the recommendations become. The app displays the bot, along with their fantasy score and popularity, to aid users in making their selections.

However, it's worth noting that AI FANTASY does contain some advertisements. Although the app is relatively cheap to use, users who haven't upgraded may encounter a significant number of ads during their experience.

The chat functionality in AI FANTASY is similar to that of the talkie app, offering basic features like suggestions and the ability to refresh the network, restart chats, change chat wallpapers, and enable dark mode. Additionally, users can access their chats, delete conversations, and avail themselves of rewards within the app.

For those interested in trying out AI FANTASY, there's an opportunity to receive a hundred tokens for free. By using the provided code during account creation, users can redeem their tokens in the Meet tab, accessible through the app's settings.

One interesting aspect of AI FANTASY is that users can also create their own fantasy within the app. This means they have the ability to craft their own bots and customize their characteristics. Users can choose whether to make their creations public or private, adding a personal touch to the AI experience.

It's important to note that AI FANTASY is still in the development phase and doesn't currently offer any paid plans. While it's unclear if the app is available on Android devices, it is certainly worth giving it a try for those seeking an engaging AI chatting experience.

Overall, AI FANTASY is an app that is continuously evolving and expanding its features. With its discounted pricing and the opportunity to create personalized AI characters, it presents an enticing alternative for those seeking an AI chat application.

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