How to use BeFake AI app?

How to use BeFake AI app?

BeFake AI is an intriguing app that offers a different perspective compared to its counterpart, BeReal. While both apps share the same logic and concept, BeFake AI takes a unique approach. Rather than posting real photos, users are encouraged to post AI-generated photos using prompts provided by the app.

According to its description, BeFake AI aims to challenge the notion of being real and suggests that sometimes it's more enjoyable to be fake. The app promises to transform every moment, no matter how messy, into a social media masterpiece with the help of AI. It aims to alleviate the pressure and time it takes to create the perfect moment by providing users with the tools to create hyper-interesting content.

Upon opening the app, users receive a notification, signaling the start of a 20-minute period where they can use unlimited AI credit to transform their photos. The generated AI images can then be shared with friends, adding a fun twist to social media interactions.

The app interface closely resembles BeReal, making it user-friendly and familiar for those already accustomed to the original app. Users can expect the same features, such as notifications, posting photos, and receiving reactions and comments from friends. However, it's worth noting that in the free version, users can still see the original photo alongside the AI-generated image.

Although the community on BeFake AI is still relatively small, this could present an opportunity for early users to gain traction and popularity within the app. Users can explore and interact with other accounts, adding reactions and discovering new photos.

Additionally, the app offers subscription options for those interested in unlocking additional features. By subscribing, users can post live without penalty, enjoy unlimited AI photo generations, and access historical posts of their friends. The subscription comes at a price of three dollars per week or ten dollars per month.

For those concerned about their data, BeFake AI provides the option to easily delete the account directly from the app, ensuring user privacy and control over their information.

While BeFake AI offers a fresh and entertaining concept, some users may find the app's design to be visually aggressive. The abundance of AI filter options and images may appear overwhelming, resulting in a somewhat cluttered interface. However, this does not detract from the app's overall enjoyment.

BeFake AI is a promising startup that has recently raised approximately three million dollars, indicating that it is off to a strong start. The app provides a playful alternative to BeReal, allowing users to showcase their creativity through AI-generated imagery. If you're looking for a change from sharing real photos all the time, BeFake AI offers a fun and exciting option worth exploring.

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