Hello guys. I'm just trying to figure out how to use Bionic Reading with Kindle or Amazon Kindle. Bionic Reading is a new startup, it's a new technology. You can read more and it helps you to transform text in a way that you can read a bit faster.

It just basically boldens some part of the word and your brain can read the text faster so that's the hypothesis. I'm just going through, this is blog by Michael Kozlowski. You can read it in more detail here.

But Bionic Reading is not supported on Kindle app or Amazon Kindle devices at this moment, like in native way. You need to figure out some ways to do it. The good thing that there is like a website and there is a free converter official like legal by the developer himself where you can convert EPUB files to Bionic reading format.

Here it is, there is also Bionic Reading Chrome extension. Here is what Bionic reading is. This is the formatted, it's a new method facilitating the reading process by guiding the eyes through the text artificial fixation points. Then you can try converter.

Here you can upload EPUB documents from your Kindle and then download a Bionic reading format. Of course it's not that easy. Here this author and the blog right, you need to download or use a DRM free ebook, intext, RTF, EPUB or Microsoft Word.

We'll suggest using EPUB. Then you just take this book and convert using Bionic Reading converter. If you have a book [inaudible 00:02:15], you can simply copy the book via USB to the root folder into a sync and it will appear in your library.

The Amazon Kindle needs an additional step. You need to download caliber just a free book management software. You simply have to, so then you can just do that. But yeah, of course try to do it legally.

Bionic Reading Converter is a free software, you don't need to pay for it. But yeah, these steps maybe you can just read in more detail on the blog how exactly to sync with Amazon Kindle device. But also I was just reading another article, this one is also really good. Go visit

There are already apps like Reader Five which support natively [inaudible 00:03:14]. I did an overview on my YouTube channel so go visit that. Here again, you just need to drop EPUB to Bionic Reading, bionic Reading books EPUB will take 50% more space.

Then you can just download EPUB or you can just download PDF and then just send the file to Kindle using your Kindle e-mail address. Then it will appear automatically in your Kindle device or Kindle app. That's what you can try.

Here is how the book will look like on your Kindle. Here is how it will look like on your iPhone app. That's what you can try to do.

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