How to use BrandConnect in YouTube Studio? FULL OVERVIEW

In this quick tutorial, we will take a look at BrandConnect in YouTube Studio. BrandConnect is a new feature currently in beta and available only to a selected group of creators who have received an invitation email from YouTube to try it out. So, if you are one of the lucky ones, here's how you can get started with BrandConnect.

First, sign in and tap on the button in the email invitation you received from YouTube. Once you do that, go to the sidebar from your earn menu in YouTube Studio and navigate to the BrandConnect tab. To gain access, sign up by providing your full name, email, and company name (or select "no company"). Once you complete the sign-up process, you're in!

Now, let's delve deeper into what BrandConnect actually is. BrandConnect offers solutions to help you manage your branded content deals. You might have heard about big YouTubers with millions of subscribers who have numerous brand deals, often facilitated by agencies. These deals involve agreements where brands approach YouTube or the creators themselves to place ads or order promotional videos on their channels. However, this process can be complicated, especially for smaller YouTubers who may need to reach out to brands themselves or find agencies to assist them. BrandConnect aims to simplify this process, offering smaller creators the chance to explore brand deals and monetize their content more easily.

To be eligible for BrandConnect, there are some requirements to fulfill. You need to be at least 18 years old, be a part of the YouTube Partner Program, based in the US, have no strikes on your channel at the moment, and follow YouTube's monetization policies. Keep in mind that BrandConnect is currently in beta and available only to a small group of creators.

Once you are accepted into BrandConnect, you'll enable the feature in your YouTube Studio. Simply click on "Earn" in the left menu, then navigate to the BrandConnect tab at the top of the screen. Click on "Get Started" to review and accept the YouTube BrandConnect terms of service. You can then set your preferences and explore the various features and tools available.

One of the most helpful features is the Media Kit, automatically generated by YouTube for you. The Media Kit provides an overview of your channel, including statistics such as the number of subscribers, videos, and unique viewers you have. It also showcases details about your audience, their countries, and interests, all in a neat and convenient PDF format. This Media Kit is essential when collaborating with advertisers or partners, as it provides them with the necessary information upfront.

Another useful feature is the suggested price section. Here, you can set the expected price for promotions on your YouTube channel, giving advertisers an idea of your range. YouTube recommends including six months' worth of content when setting prices, which can be reused across different platforms.

Additionally, BrandConnect offers a deal management system. If there is a new opportunity for you, it will appear in your dashboard. You can click on it to see details and get an overview of the campaign's timeline and progress. The offer section provides all the essential information about the campaign, including price, goals, requirements, and contact details.

When it comes to payments, BrandConnect simplifies the process. YouTube will pay you the agreed-upon price 30 days after your video goes live through AdSense. You can find the total amount earned through BrandConnect by accessing the revenue section in AdSense and selecting BrandConnect as the revenue source.

Furthermore, BrandConnect allows you to grant access to managers or agents who are already working with your YouTube channel. This means you can add specific roles and give them access to BrandConnect within your YouTube Studio.

If you're new to BrandConnect or want to explore its features further, there are additional tutorials and a handy guide available on YouTube's Creator Academy. These resources provide step-by-step instructions on getting started and utilizing BrandConnect effectively, making it an excellent opportunity for smaller YouTubers to enter the world of brand deals.

In conclusion, BrandConnect is a valuable feature that simplifies the process of managing branded content deals for YouTube creators. It offers useful tools such as the Media Kit, suggested pricing, deal management, and streamlined payment processes. Although it is currently in beta and available to a limited group of creators, it presents a great opportunity for smaller YouTubers to explore brand collaborations and monetize their channels more efficiently. So, if you meet the requirements and have access to BrandConnect, it's definitely worth giving it a try and seeing how it can benefit you and your channel.

If you have any additional questions or need further clarification, feel free to leave a comment.

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