How to use BUBBLE in Life360 app? Full overview

what is Life 360 bubbles feature it's a cool uh feature available for all members you don't need to be upgraded it's so basically it's an optional way to customize your location sharing for your circle after this bubble is created it shares only your approximate location while all safety and messaging features remain on so if there is some emergency detected bubble will automatically burst or pop uh so to stay connected with your family during bubble time you can request a check-in for their exact location or use the message features to communicate you can also burst bubble anytime so and then yeah to create the bubble tap your avatar press create a bubble on your map customize the size and generation of your bubble you can also just turn off the bubble feature um you can basically if you are in the circle and admin of the circle you can set bubble access to only specific members so you can disable bubble for for a lot of users you can also burst a bubble um you can end it I will show you how to do it and then you can also adjust the size and duration of the bubble if you want so anyhow let's just see it so if you in the circle were you can create a bubble where you have this rights you will see just tap on your avatar and you will see this great bubble button in the bottom then you just can create it like this you can change the radius I don't know like what is the radius here but probably it's around like 100 kilometers or so um I'm not sure though and then you can just tap continue and then you can customize how long you will be in this bubble meaning how long like members of your circle won't be able to see your exact location so yeah you can set up like from one to six hours can be like three hours and then we'll let your circle know you created the bubble with the message below I'll be in this area until 8 50 PM if you need me please send me a message uh and yeah so something like that and then just tap done and your bubble is created as you can see now you're in the active bubble and your relatives will just know that for example you're traveling in Copenhagen over there but they won't know your exact movements and your exact GPS location then you can just tap on active bubble you can see when your bubble will burst and all of that so all of these features you can see bubble duration you can pop your bubble you can still check in I'm not sure if you can yeah I think you can still customize it I don't know how though so yeah so that's basically the idea is pretty popular feature which you can customize and a lot of users love it because yeah if you're using live through six step a lot and constantly in your circle your parents or your friends family constantly tracking you that can be pretty you know like pretty annoying sometimes it's too much so this cool feature just to get some privacy where you need it

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