How to use Buz app - Buz unfiltered?

The Buz app has introduced a new feature called Buz Unfiltered, which allows users to create their own challenges. In this article, we will walk you through how to use this new feature and make the most out of it.

To get started, simply open the Buz app on your smartphone. Once you are in the app, you will notice a "plus" symbol in the top right corner. Tap on it to create your own challenge.

The concept behind Buz Unfiltered is similar to platforms like NGL (Anonymous Questions). You have the freedom to add your own questions or prompts to your challenge. This allows you to create a personalized experience and engage with others in a unique way.

After adding your questions, you can proceed to record your answer. The app provides an easy-to-use interface that lets you record your response with just a few taps. Once you are satisfied with your answer, tap on the "next" button to continue.

In addition to recording your answer, the Buz app also allows you to trim the clip. If you feel that your response is too long or you want to refine it, you can use the trimming feature to adjust the duration of your clip.

Once your challenge is ready, you can invite others to join. The app provides you with an invitation link that you can share with your friends, colleagues, or anyone else you want to participate in your challenge. Simply copy the provided link and send it to them. It's a great way to involve others and spark meaningful conversations.

If, at any point, you decide to remove a challenge, the Buz app has made it easy to do so. You can delete the challenge from your profile, giving you full control over your content and ensuring that your challenges reflect your preferences.

It is important to note that Buz Unfiltered is not an anonymous feature. Unlike NGL, where users can post questions and responses anonymously, Buz Unfiltered requires users to create challenges using their profiles. While this provides a more personal and authentic experience, it also means that your challenges will not be posted anonymously.

In conclusion, Buz Unfiltered is an exciting new addition to the Buz app, offering users the ability to create their own challenges and engage with others in a unique and personal way. It's easy to use and provides a platform for meaningful conversations and interactions. Give it a try and see how it can enhance your social experience on Buz.

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