How to use Donne app?

Donne app is a cool AI application designed to simplify your wardrobe management by using artificial intelligence to generate outfits based on the clothes you already own. Let's walk through how to use Donne app based on a video transcript featuring the app in action:

  • Capture a photo of your clothing items: Start by taking photos of your clothes using the app. You can also take photos of your own items to add to your digital wardrobe.
  • Categorization and cropping: The app automatically categorizes the items you add, such as tops, t-shirts, bottoms, etc. It may also crop the items for better presentation.
  • Creating outfits: Once you have added your items, you can start creating outfits by selecting different pieces from your digital wardrobe. The app will suggest outfit combinations for you, making it easier to decide what to wear.
  • Save and organize outfits: Save the outfits you like and organize them within the app. This feature helps you plan your outfits in advance and saves time when getting ready.
  • Explore additional features: Donne app offers additional features such as a marketplace and the ability to follow influencers for style inspiration. You can also create your own outfits and experiment with different looks.

While Donne app may not be perfect yet, it presents a great idea for simplifying wardrobe management and outfit planning. Give it a try, explore its functionalities, and see how it can streamline your daily clothing decisions.

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