How to use Ghost mode in Telegram stories?

Ghost Mode in Telegram Stories allows users to view other people's stories anonymously, without being detected in the viewers' analytics. To access this feature, simply open any story and tap on the three dots located in the upper right corner. From there, select "Styles Mode" and enable it to watch stories without appearing in the list of viewers.

Once you have enabled Styles Mode, you have the option to further customize your privacy settings. You can choose to hide recent views, hide your views from the past five minutes, hide upcoming views, and even hide your views for the next 25 minutes. These settings provide users with greater control over their visibility while browsing stories.

Even if you initially start watching stories without Ghost Mode enabled, you can still activate it later if you decide that you don't want to appear in other people's analytics. However, it's important to note that Ghost Mode needs to be re-enabled after 25 minutes, as the feature automatically switches off after that time period.

In terms of visibility, when viewing stories with Ghost Mode enabled, other users will not be able to see your profile. When tapping on stories, you will either see "No views yet" or the number of views in the bottom left corner. It's crucial to remember that viewers can only see the number of views for up to 24 hours after a story expires. After that, the number of views is the only information visible to viewers.

By utilizing Ghost Mode or Styles Mode in Telegram Stories, users can maintain a higher level of privacy and control over their online presence. This feature ensures that your browsing activities remain anonymous while still allowing you to engage with the content shared by others.

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