How to use GOOGLE BARD on your phone? Guide

Google Bard is the latest AI chatbot tool made available to everyone with a Google account. This tool is designed to help in drafting emails and creating Google documents. It is a free tool that you can access by going to, syncing your Google account, and being based in the United States.

Using Google Bard is easy. The interface is similar to the chat GPT prompts. You can start by writing a prompt, and then Bard generates a blog post instantly that you can either like, dislike, or export to Google Docs. What's more, you can generate two additional drafts with the paid version, a total of three responses at a time.

One significant advantage of Google Bard over Chat GPT is that it is faster. While in the free version of Chat GPT you need to wait for each line, Bard generates instantly. Google has positioned Bard as an experimental chatbot AI that helps in many use cases; it is not intended to replace Google search.

The features included in Bard are impressive. There is a direct link to sources, and you can create a draft in Gmail. You can also share your work or copy it or report it. Typing Google in the interface will get you related topics.

If you want to learn more about Google Bard, visit The FAQ has all the details on the tool, including how to delete conversations.

While there is no app version of this tool, you can use it in the browser. Google Bard is worth trying if you need an AI chatbot tool to help you draft emails or documents. It is free, it is fast, and it comes with useful features.

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