How to use LooksMax ai app for free?

The LooksMax AI app offers users the opportunity to access its features without the need to invite friends. This recent update has made it easier for individuals to utilize the app without going through the process of obtaining an invite code. Users can simply create a scan, upload a selfie, and receive a free result. However, it is important to note that this free feature is limited to one use per day.

Upon completing the process, users will receive an image that can be shared on platforms like Snapchat. The app allows for a basic assessment of facial features without the requirement of inviting friends. For those looking for more detailed analysis, such as jawline or hairline assessments, an upgrade is necessary. This model differs from other similar apps, as users have the option to use basic features for free before deciding whether to upgrade or not.

LooksMax AI stands out as a high-quality app that provides users with the opportunity to receive face ratings at no cost. While the duration of this free access is uncertain, users are encouraged to take advantage of this offering. It is worth noting that the app's ratings may not be as high as some competitors, such as UMax, but LooksMax AI is rapidly gaining popularity among users.

In conclusion, LooksMax AI offers a user-friendly interface and valuable features for those looking to enhance their facial assessment. Users can explore the app's capabilities for free and decide whether to upgrade based on their preferences. It is recommended to try out LooksMax AI while the free option is still available to experience its benefits firsthand.

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