How to use LooksMax AI app for free?

The LooksMax AI app now allows users to access certain features for free, offering an alternative to the paid version that was previously required. This shift comes as the app is running a campaign or promotion to make its services more accessible. Users can now obtain a free scan on LooksMax without the need to refer friends, providing a convenient and cost-effective option for those interested in exploring the app's capabilities.

To utilize the free features of LooksMax AI app:

  1. Upload your selfies to receive initial results.
  2. View additional analysis and recommendations by selecting the option to "reveal" and paying for the upgraded features.
  3. Enjoy the ability to create and share screenshots directly through the app, offering a valuable alternative to paid services like UMax.

This model allows users to benefit from basic functionalities at no cost, with the option to upgrade for more in-depth insights and recommendations. LooksMax AI app presents itself as a compelling alternative for users looking to explore facial analysis tools without committing to a subscription fee. It's worth giving the app a try to experience its capabilities firsthand.

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