How to use LooksMax AI app? Overview

The LooksMax AI app is currently making waves in the US App Store and globally as one of the most viral AI apps available. This app offers a unique service by analyzing your facial traits to determine your level of attractiveness and providing personalized advice. To make use of the app, simply upload your front and side selfies for analysis. LooksMax AI focuses primarily on analyzing masculinity, making it particularly popular among males. Once your results are ready, you can share them with friends and receive tips on how to enhance your appearance.

To begin using the app, open it and navigate to the photo upload section. From there, you can upload your selfies to initiate the analysis process. It's important to note that some features may require an upgrade to access. If you haven't upgraded, you'll need to share the invite code to unlock the results. However, you can use my invite code if you wish. Additionally, you can redeem an invitation code or upgrade directly within the app. If you have already upgraded, you can proceed to view the results.

Upon receiving your results, you'll see various categories such as hairline, skin, eyes, masculinity, jawline, and face. These categories are deemed important by the app when assessing attractiveness. For example, you may discover that you rank as a six, placing you in the top 36% of men. The app also provides specific checkpoints for each category, highlighting areas where you excel or may need improvement. It might inform you that you have an average jawline, full hair, high facial symmetry, moderate dimorphism, a neutral canthal tilt, and almond-shaped eyes. The app offers a comprehensive overview of your features.

Furthermore, LooksMax AI offers advice on how to enhance your appearance based on your results. For instance, it might suggest avoiding covering your forehead to maintain natural balance, or trying a classic short back and sides hairstyle with some water-styled on top. The app also recommends a clean shave or light style as suitable options. Additional tips can be found within the app, and it even provides links to products that can help users achieve their desired look.

It's worth mentioning that photo quality greatly influences the accuracy of the results. As demonstrated by uploading different selfies, you might obtain varying outcomes. For instance, one analysis may suggest lifting weights as a recommendation, while another may propose different suggestions entirely. It's essential to keep in mind that results can fluctuate depending on the quality of the photo.

Once you're satisfied with your results, you have the option to share them on social media platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat. Simply tap on the respective sharing option within the app, and you can seamlessly post your results to your stories. The app also allows users to delete specific results by tapping on the three dots located in the top right corner. If you wish to delete your account entirely, you can reach out to the support team for assistance.

If you have upgraded but decide to cancel your subscription, you can do so via iCloud subscriptions. To cancel, access the settings app or the App Store and navigate to iCloud subscriptions. From there, you can ensure that your subscription is canceled.

In conclusion, the LooksMax AI app offers users the chance to assess their attractiveness and receive personalized advice on how to enhance their appearance. With its ability to analyze facial traits and provide tailored recommendations, this app has garnered significant attention. Whether you're looking to improve your confidence or simply curious about how you're perceived, LooksMax AI can be a valuable tool in your self-improvement journey.

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