How to use PET CO-PARENTING in WIDGETABLE app? Full guide

Introducing Pet Co-Parenting in the Widgetable App: A Full Guide

The Widgetable app has recently added a new feature called Pet Co-Parenting, which allows users to grow virtual pets together with their friends. In this comprehensive guide, we will explain how to enable this feature, create a co-parenting code, and take care of your pet.

Before diving into the details, it's important to note that this feature is currently only available on iOS devices, specifically iPhones. Users with Android devices will have to wait for the feature to be released on their platform, as Widgetable's Android app lags behind its iOS counterpart.

Widgetable began as a lock screen app, offering users a variety of widgets to customize their lock and home screens. However, with the recent major update, the app introduced pets and the concept of co-parenting. Now, users can have fun raising virtual pets with their friends.

To get started, ensure that you have updated the Widgetable app and have it installed on your iPhone. Once you open the app, you will find a wide range of widgets and wallpapers available, but the focus is now on the pet co-parenting feature.

To begin co-parenting a pet, tap on the pets section and start with an egg. Eggs take 24 hours to hatch. There are several ways to obtain an egg: you can either purchase a premium subscription to Widgetable, buy an egg for $2, or use an invitation code. By inviting friends to join the app and entering their codes, you can accumulate eggs.

Once you have an egg, you can either wait for the 24-hour hatching period to be completed or expedite the process. Upgrading to a premium subscription allows for instant pet hatching, while watching ads can reduce the waiting time.

To engage in co-parenting, navigate to the co-parenting tab located at the bottom of the app. Here, you can invite a friend to join you in raising the pet. Tap the invite button, rename the pet egg, and share the invite link or co-parenting code with your friend. The pet egg will hatch in less than three hours and cannot be co-parented after that point.

It is essential to note that the co-parenting link is time-limited and can only be shared for two hours. Ensure that you and your friend are ready to commit to co-parenting the pet before generating the link.

Another point to consider is that co-parenting is only possible until three hours before the end of the egg hatching period. If there are only three hours left for the egg to hatch, generating the co-parenting link will no longer be possible.

Taking care of your pet involves feeding it and attending to its other needs. Widgets on your home or lock screen will display your pet's requirements, such as food and hygiene. Some items, like carrots and apples, may need to be purchased, while others can be obtained by watching ads.

In addition to fulfilling your pet's needs, you can also interact with it through pet notes and reminders. The more you care for your pet, the more it will grow and learn new skills, rewarding you along the way. Each pet can earn up to 100 experience points per day.

Once you have set up the pet co-parenting feature, you can share, bind, and raise the pet together with your friend. By copying and sending the co-parenting code, you can ensure that your friend can access and care for the pet.

To install the Widgetable pet widget on your lock screen or home screen, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the wallpaper section in the settings tab.
  2. Customize your widgets.
  3. Add the Widgetable app.
  4. Tap on the circular pet widget and select the desired style.

Remember that to use lock screen widgets, you must have at least iOS 16, which is compatible with iPhone 8 or later models.

The Widgetable app provides a unique and interactive way to connect with your friends through virtual pets. While there are some time limitations and costs associated with certain features, many users find the experience enjoyable and worth the investment.

Although Widgetable's pet co-parenting feature is not yet available on Android, it's likely that it will be introduced in future updates. In the meantime, iPhone users can have fun growing their pets and sharing the experience with friends.

Give this new feature a try and embark on a pet-raising adventure with your friends through the Widgetable app.

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