How to use progressive web app on Android devices?

here's I'm going through the post news app I got access but um yeah at the moment it's very early it's in beta so post news is available as a progressive web app meaning it works like every other app on your device but instead of downloading post app from the app or Google Play Store you can simply open posting mobile web browser and then save the page to your home screen um so yeah it also means that this app is not yet available on iOS or Google uh play Android so on Android devices you can either open post in Chrome browser open menu in the upright Corner select install app or you can engage the banner at the bottom of the post page that says add post to home screen and then you will have like a post icon like this on your home screen and then you will be able to click that and that's kind of how you create like a um link to like app icon but it's not really app but that's how you can install it on the Android devices

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