How to USE SATURN APP on iPhone? Full tutorial

How to Use Saturn App on iPhone? Full Tutorial

The Zotron app is currently a popular choice for students as they prepare for the upcoming school season. It has ranked number three in social networking and is among the top 10 apps globally. This app is specifically designed for students, providing them with an enhanced school experience through various features. It acts as a social media platform for schools, making school schedules more organized and interactive.

According to the Zotron website, the app aims to simplify high school schedules by connecting students with the people and information that are most important to them. It helps students keep track of their classes and locations, allowing them to easily share their schedules with friends. This way, students can see who is in their classes and when their friends are free.

To get started with the app, simply download and open it on your iPhone. You can create an account using your phone number or by signing in with your Snapchat account. Keep in mind that currently, the app only accepts US phone numbers. After signing up, you will receive a confirmation code on your phone, although sometimes it may take a bit longer than expected.

Once you're in, the next step is to add your school. While the Saturn app is available in more than 16,000 schools, it may not be present in every school in the US. It's recommended that your school is active on Saturn and has a good number of users for a more engaging experience. After adding your school, you can see your calendar, including summer breaks, advisory periods, and lunch times. You can also add your own classes, allowing you to find out who else is in your class and share your schedule.

Adding classes is straightforward within the app. You can select the class period, choose from the available classes in your school, and add additional information such as the teacher's name and the room. There is also a guide available within the app to assist you in this process.

Apart from class schedules, the app offers additional features. The second tab shows your calendar, providing a comprehensive overview of your classes and events. You can add events with all the necessary details, invite guests, and include descriptions.

Saturn app also acts as a project management tool for students. You can create tasks, set due dates, attach photos, and assign them to specific classes or as personal tasks. This feature allows for better organization and time management throughout the school year.

Within the app, there is a bulletin section where you can find school posts, event sharing, and updates about sports and arts. This acts as a digital version of the traditional school whiteboard, where important information and announcements are displayed.

Moreover, the app includes a People tab where you can find and connect with other students in your school. You can add friends, start conversations, and use the new messaging feature. Additionally, there is a block and report option available to manage interactions on the app.

While the Saturn app is already gaining popularity among iPhone users, it is disappointing to note that it is not yet available for Android devices. The absence of an Android version limits its accessibility to more students and users. Hopefully, the developers will work on introducing an Android version soon to cater to a wider audience.

To summarize, the Saturn app offers a range of features to enhance the school experience for students. From managing schedules and sharing them with friends to organizing tasks and staying updated with school news, this app serves as a comprehensive tool for students. If you have an iPhone and are starting school in the US, it's worth giving the Saturn app a try. Just note that it is currently only available for iPhone users.

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