How to use Shuffles by Pinterest?

in this video we're gonna go through this interesting viral app which is called shuffles by Pinterest and I will show you what all the hype is is about because this app is invite only and you need to have some specific and white code to get in um and everyone is just looking for to get invitation to get inside the app to try it out to share it with friends and what is this so shuffles it's an app built by team inside of a Pinterest uh it's a new app designed for Collective collagen want to create a festival outfit visualize your dream bedroom mood board your current aesthetic Vibe just express yourself so that's the perfect app to do that snap exactly the objects you want using the camera so you can just take a photo of some object and then you can use it you can find inspiration from photo library and Pinterest photo library you can cut out objects in this app so this app is also working like background remover you can rotate resize object into ecologist you can add animations and effects to micro shuffles pop share privately with friends and all of that so I I'm also using this app in uh in test flight to give some feedback to Developers um but yeah this is how it looks like um this is your home screen and in the home screen you see your all your previous designs then you can just tap on the left tab where you will see all your designs and yeah everything what is there uh so this is kind of like Instagram of colleges and then you can see stuff like this then you can just swipe through swipe left or right so to go to the next photo you need to swipe right um if you swipe down you will see all the likes and then you can see all the comments you can just send it here send a comment then you can just go to profile and then you can tap on three dots in top right and then you can message you can view profile blog report yeah copy profile URL stuff like that so you can easily see that you can go to profile and easily follow someone that's how it works it's not possible to add friends in this app yeah you just follow each other and why would you need to add friends you can instantly message already without being friends you can view Pinterest profile you can copy profile URL also you can block people or report so everything is just like on Instagram or any other social media so this app is not just like you know like college creating app or just like some or something like that where you can create some cute images this app is also about like more like messaging and yeah interacting together then on the right side you can like this Shuffle you can again comment you can send it to someone so here you can just select and send it to some groups on shuffle or some friends and because this app is tied to Pinterest you can can also send to your Pinterest friends so to create an account you need to have Pinterest account it's only possible to create an account here with Pinterest it's not possible to use Facebook Google or your phone number or email or something like that so that's that's what it is probably that's how they also want to get some spike in Pinterest accounts then you can also reshuffle meaning you can also use this image and create your own collage so and then you can easily select all of these elements and that's basically how it it's working so that's the idea so that's how it's working and then yeah so let's just go to the shuffle step on the plus and then let's try to to see how it works so I really so there is a huge library of uh of photos from Pinterest so here you can just search for something and then you will just see a lot of these pins uh then you can just draw on it um you can also just select and try to cut so like for example if I want to cut like this okay so sometimes it doesn't work but okay now it's working so now I can add it and I can zoom out and something like this so it's like really cool thing to create the collage I think this app will be like the top app to create all this kind of collages and boards and like you know your dream boards stuff like that then for example I want to take a photo of this charger or anything like I can just take it and there you have it it is automatically being cut out which is pretty cool it's a great technology uh it's actually working quite well with it then you have all these elements like this you have some popular elements which you can easily add here and then yeah then you can just search from your Pinterest on Pinterest account you can also add some some text here you can change the color of it um so you have something around that and then yeah so for example I have this Shuffle and then I tap in top right and then I can just post it to my profile so it won't be my Pinterest profile it will be just uh yeah uh uh yeah my Shuffle profile so these are different things and then I can add description and hashtags here and and then that's basically yeah you can just write something and then you can just post it to your profile like this and then it will appear on your profile and people will be able to like it just send or Shuffle and all of that the thing is um yeah you can also just send it to your friends and making this Shuffle kind of private so you also can do just that um if you tap in three dots in top right here you can share the app you can log out you can delete your data and account so if you're unsure about like if your privacy is uh uh concerned here or like you don't want to keep any of those images or anything like that there is a quick option to delete an account you can always get help just by reaching out from here so you can just try to get help like that and then if you want to share invite code you can just tap on this letter icon and you will be able to share the invite code then there is your account you see all your shuffles and then if you tap on these emojis this is actually where you can create assets to the app so that's basically how it works you just create assets again I can just tap on it and then yeah automatically it's it's cutting out which is pretty amazing and then I just tap add and then I added it and there you have it now it's here and now I can use it in future images and ecologists so that's pretty cool that's a pretty nice experience and it like the app feels smooth like the design is well done it's very minimalistic there is nothing which is like uh you shouldn't use or you know like this is pretty pretty cool app and like from the design you access point UI and it feels pretty simple and it just doesn't like yeah uh so that's what it is um so that's basically the idea uh I don't know if this app feel like you know take off and it will be a new social media like Instagram for colleges or something around it so yeah uh there you have it so that's basically the idea a lot of hair colleges uh a lot of some like romantic images so there you have it something around it that's the app I don't know what else to add there are probably a lot of other features which you can try out but yeah hopefully you enjoyed it and subscribe to my YouTube channel visit my blog Mr hack that I also have tick tock yeah one other thing there are still few bugs and glitches in this app a lot of people can't log in some people shuffles are not saved drafts are not working because it's still it's in like you know it's in white codes only and it's not completely released so yeah I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for watching

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