hey everyone so here is a new feature in slack which is called uh voice only huddle so slack huddles and it's only available on the paid plans so i think you need to be upgraded to access it but basically here how it looks like it's basically a real-time audio and then in every channel when you just go to that channel you will see this option to enable the slack huddle or you can use command shift h on mac os so let's just learn more so again available on paid plans so these are the quick informal discussions you would have in the office writing slack you can have up to 50 participants anyone in conversation can join a huddle when it starts uh when the huddle starts in the dm all members will receive an invitation you can share your screen you can use huddles in slack connect and then yeah you can start the huddle either on desktop on mobile so let's try to do it so i just toggle this and i will start a huddle i can do this in my uh in the channel and all the members who are in that channel will be uh notified currently it's just a test channel so here's how it looks like so then yeah i can mute my microphone i can leave the huddle i can invite people or i can share a screen so yeah so for example if i want to share the screen i just need to allow that so you can just do that in settings and then you can see who is talking and then invite members and then leave the huddle so i'll just leave the huddle so that's that that's that's how it works

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