How to use Snapchat Dual Camera layouts - Vertical, Horizontal, Cutout, Picture-in-Picture

I'm just going here through the Snapchat dual camera on product hunt it's a new feature when Snapchat is trying to take on be real but it's trying to do it more um yeah more interesting so there are different layouts there is vertical horizontal cutout and picture and picture layouts where you can use both front and back camera as I don't yet have it on my Snapchat I update a Snapchat app but I don't have it so I'll just show on these screenshots so here is you can see this dual camera is in top right sidebar just under the music icon and to change layoffs just tap on that and then you will have vertical horizontal then you will have a picture and picture third one and then yeah and then the last one you will have cut out cut out means that your face is basically on on the image uh dual camera picture in picture means your uh image is like bottom left or something and then a vertical means that it's a horizontal means the camera is a front camera is lower and back camera is higher or something like that and then yeah then you have just the standard horizontal so these are the overviews which you can try to use like dual camera on Snapchat and then you can create your snaps and send them to your uh friends or upload to spotlight so that's basically the idea and hope this is helpful

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