hey so here's google chrome so how to split screens uh or just not only google chrome but on mac on any application so you see this green button here so if you just tap on this with the left click you will enter full screen but if you just hover and wait a bit you will see this menu so you can tile window to the laptop screen or tile window to the right of the screen or you can just to open this mining just yeah okay so just hover over tile window to the left of the screen and now i have something like this and now i can what else i can do i can just select some other tool i can select zoom or spotify or some other google chrome tab and now i have like two uh split screens on my mac and i can just move with them something like this just change the the reads of every split screen so that's basically how it works and then [Music] then to exit this i can just tap escape let's see if that works i think i just need to hover somewhere here or something like yeah so just hover in here and then i can just close one screen and then i'll be here and then i can just type here and exit full screen and then i'm editing the split split screens on mac well so that's the idea that's how it works so that's how you enter split screen mode on mac or exit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

How to use Split Screen Feature on ...
How to use Split Screen Feature on Samsung Galaxy Devices
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