How to use STATS.FM - former Spotistats? How to import? FULL GUIDE

Stats FM (formerly known as Spotty Stats) is a powerful app that allows you to import your Spotify data and view your top tracks, top artists, top albums, and other analytics on a daily basis. This app, built by Stats FM PV, provides features that are similar to Spotify's Wrapped, but instead of an annual rundown, you can get data every day.

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to use Stats FM, including how to import your Spotify data and what features are provided in the free and paid versions of the app.

To get started with Stats FM, you need to open the app and select your streaming device. After choosing, you can log in with your Spotify account, and that's when the app will start the import process. The app is free to use, and with the free version, you can explore limited data such as your top five artists and top-five tracks.

The free version also has ads that can be a bit annoying, but upgrading to StatsFM Plus can solve this issue. StatsFM Plus is relatively cheap, with a lifetime subscription costing only $6. With the upgraded version, you get access to additional features such as top artists (99+), top tracks (99+), and top albums. Importing your whole data is a worthwhile feature, but you will need to upgrade to the paid version to see the full extent of your streaming history.

If you plan to use the app more actively, upgrading is inevitable. The free version has limitations, and to see the extended version of StatsFM, you need to upgrade. The upgrading process is a bit technical, as you need to export some JSON files from your Spotify account and then carry out some importing. You may need some assistance, but it's not that complicated to do it.

The app allows you to add your friends, find your music soulmates, and connect with other Spotify users that have the same music taste as you. By syncing your streams, you can have access to more analytics. Stats FM is currently working on adding Apple Music to the app to enable more users to have access to the app's algorithms and stats.

To use the app, you need to choose your privacy settings, what you want to have visible on your profile, and your username. If at some point, you need to delete your account, it's easy to do so. You can just go to your settings and delete all your data.

In conclusion, Stats FM is a pretty cool app that is gaining popularity in the music category of the iOS App Store in the US. It provides users with a lot of exciting features such as daily data import, top artist, top tracks, and top albums. Upgrade to the paid version and enjoy the premium features that will help you understand your music taste more comprehensively.

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