here is discord app and there is a new addition in the bottom left of your channels there is this tab so you've seen where i tap just in the bottom left so here you you can enter your school email like name at like a stanford edu or something like that and then you will be able to join this study hub so here you can find study groups clubs and friends in the study student hub for your school so every school i don't know not every but like a lot of schools especially in united states they have this integration with discord and if you are student there in this college this school you and you have like a verified school email and you have access to that you will be able to access it and and then like just as an example and then here you'll be able to [Music] to verify your code from your email and then you will be able to join the student hub so that's the idea uh so definitely give it a try if you like discord it can be pretty helpful

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