How to use tenten app?

Hey there, so how to use Tantan app. So this is a very popular walkie-talkie app which right now is surging in the social networking in different countries. So here you have that and yep there are a bunch of walkie-talkie apps but this app seems is in the top charts for teenagers especially.

So Tantan is all about friendships, real ones, friends are the family we choose, we share secrets, moments, tears, laughter, they are the only people we can truly be authentic with. Tantan turns your phone into a live walkie-talkie with your best friends anywhere, anytime. Say it, shout it or whisper it, your friends will hear you live on their phone.

So yep there is just you have it and yeah you can just talk with your friends kind of like a walkie-talkie and then it just appear in your notification and your phone will work like a radio. So yeah you just need to create an account with your phone or Apple ID and then you need to add at least one friend and your friend needs to accept a request and then you can just hold to talk.

Oopsie, something is not, yep anyhow you just need to hold to talk and your other friend needs to be online. So yep that's just how it works and I don't know why it's bugging because seems all the people need to have an updated the latest version of Tantan app for it to work that's why it seems it's just not working.

You can also mute the other person, but yeah you can see your sent request you can see a request here and then basically your phone will become like a live speaker. So that's the idea. So then yeah you can edit your profile, change image, change font, change number. You can also go here and delete an account if you want you can log out but yep that's basically the idea like you can just hold and talk to your friends and then it will appear in notifications.

I don't know if they have like a home screen widget no seems they don't have like a home screen widget so and I don't think they have lock screen so yeah you just basically hold and talk to your friends and then it I think it also works with dynamic island and yep so that's the idea you.

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