How to use TestFlight redeem code?

How to use TestFlight redeem code? So super easy you need to go and download the TestFlight app. Just tap on App Store in the App Store app TestFlight. You can get this free app. Here it is. Then you need to log in inside this app with your Apple ID. It's crucial to log in with the correct Apple ID, which I guess is, I don't know, which is which you are using with the app, and you need to be logged in. Then you can see this redeem button at the top, where you can enter the invitation code and tap redeem.

Sometimes, if it's not working, you can double-check that you entered all the letters correctly and there are no spaces or additional characters, and you can also retry it. So yes, that's just how you can enter it, and then it should work. However, in my experience, I always have bugs with redeem codes. So how I tested these apps, I basically used invitation links. It can be an easy invitation link or invitation code, so I prefer to use links. When you tap on the link, you are redirected to the TestFlight app, and then you can easily test these apps. That's basically the idea of how you can test out these apps with the invitation code and how you can use it.

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