How to use Threads, an Instagram app? Quick tutorial

Threads is an Instagram app that offers a text-based version of the popular social media platform. In this quick tutorial, we will explore how to use Threads and its features.

To begin, installing Threads is a straightforward process. You can find it in the top charts of app stores. To create an account, you need to have the Instagram app installed or already have an Instagram account. You can simply log in with your Instagram account credentials. It's important to note that logging in with Google, Apple, Snapchat, or a phone number is not possible at this time.

Once you open the Threads app, you will notice that it resembles Twitter, but without images. The design, icons, and font are reminiscent of Instagram, creating a familiar user experience. While the focus is on text-based content, you can still post images and videos.

Interacting with posts and profiles in Threads is slightly different from Instagram. Tapping on the plus icon allows you to follow someone, and you can also unfollow users if desired. It is important to note that following someone on Threads does not automatically mean you are also following them on Instagram. These two apps may be synchronized, but they are still distinct entities.

When you tap on the three dots, you will find options to unfollow, mute, hide, or report a post. Additionally, you can like, reply, and repost the content. Threads also offers the convenience of adding a post to your Instagram story, posting it to your Instagram feed, tweeting it, copying a link, or sharing it.

The search function allows you to find and connect with people. If you want to start a thread, you can attach images or photos, change the post's privacy settings, and view likes, activity, replies, mentions, and verified information.

The profile section in Threads closely resembles the Instagram profile. You can edit your profile picture, add a bio and a link, and make your profile private. However, changing your username is only possible through the Instagram app.

In the top right corner, you will find the settings option. Here, you can manage your privacy settings, including mentions, muted accounts, and hidden words. These settings are similar to those found on Instagram and can be managed through the Instagram account center.

Threads also offers features focused on well-being. You can set reminders to take breaks if you spend too much time on the app. Additionally, you have the option to deactivate your Threads profile without affecting your Instagram account.

One interesting feature of Threads is the "custom words and phrases" section. Here, you can add specific words or phrases that you want to avoid seeing in your feed, offering a way to keep your feed cleaner and tailored to your preferences.

Looking toward the future, Threads aims to implement a decentralized protocol similar to Mastodon or BlueSky through its platform. This feature will allow users to log in with their own domain and embrace a more decentralized social media experience.

As the app continues to evolve, more features are expected to be added, enhancing the user experience and providing additional options for engagement.

If you're curious about Threads, I encourage you to give it a try and explore its features for yourself.

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