How to use Umax app for free by invitation?

Hey everyone, today we're going to talk about how to use the UMAX app for free by inviting friends. The UMAX app offers a special deal where you can get one scan for free if you invite three friends to join. At first glance, this seems like a great offer, but is it really feasible? Let's find out.

To begin the process, simply tap on the "Begin Scan" button in the app. In order to qualify for the free scan, you need to upload three selfies with a perfect 10 out of 10 rating. Once you've done that, a button will appear at the bottom of the screen, prompting you to invite three friends.

To invite your friends, tap on the "Share" button and choose the platform through which you'd like to send the invitation. You can use email, Snapchat, Messenger, or WhatsApp to reach out to your friends. Simply provide them with the invite code and instructions on how to redeem it.

When your friends receive the code, they'll need to create a new account in the UMAX app. During the account setup process, they'll be prompted to enter the invite code you provided. Make sure that they enter the code correctly and in the appropriate field.

Once you believe you've successfully invited three friends, tap on the "Redeem" button. The app will then check the number of referrals you've made. If the check confirms that you've indeed invited three friends, the scan will start automatically. However, if the check fails, you'll need to invite more people and ensure that your friends have entered the correct code.

Some users have reported issues when trying to claim their free scan. They claim that even after inviting three friends and tapping the "Redeem" button, the app gets stuck on a loading screen and the free scan isn't generated. It's unclear why this happens, as the app did work for me once. However, I've also received feedback from other users stating that they encountered the same problem.

Despite these reported issues, it's worth mentioning that the UMAX app did deliver a free scan to me once. This was when I wasn't subscribed to the pro version of the app. Whether this glitch is temporary or ongoing remains to be seen. It might be worth keeping an eye on future updates from the app developer.

In conclusion, the UMAX app offers a potentially enticing deal of a free scan in exchange for inviting friends. While it worked for me on one occasion, there have been reports of the process not functioning properly for other users. If you decide to give it a try, make sure to closely monitor the app's behavior and stay informed about any updates that may address these issues.

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