How to use mobile app?

Here's the app called Wile AI Dance Twerk AI. The idea is that this is a new AI dance video app where you can upload your photo to create your own dance video. Just upload a photo, select a dance, and then this app will generate a video of you dancing. Let's take a closer look at how to use mobile app:

  1. Upload a Body Photo: Begin by uploading a photo of yourself. The app will then prompt you to select a dance style from its library.
  2. Choose a Dance: Once your photo is uploaded, you can choose from a variety of dance styles available in the app.
  3. Upgrade for Full Access: Some features may require a Pro version or upgrade for full access to top-quality content and additional functionalities.
  4. Alternative Option: If you prefer not to pay for upgrades, consider using the website While they don't have an app, the website offers similar functionality for free.
  5. Improved Models: is known for its powerful AI capabilities; however, some users have reported bugs. Exploring alternative apps like the original website could provide a more stable experience without the need for upgrades.

In conclusion, while AI dance video apps are continually improving in quality and features, users have options to create their TikTok dance videos without incurring additional costs. As technology advances, we can expect these apps to become more efficient and user-friendly, enhancing the overall experience of creating personalized dance videos.

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