How to use ZANGI Messenger app?

ZANGI Messenger app is a popular messaging platform that boasts military-grade encryption for secure communication. It is known as a user-friendly alternative to WhatsApp, offering a simple setup process and a range of features for seamless messaging experience.

Here is a walkthrough on how to use ZANGI Messenger app:

  1. Creating Your Profile: Upon installing the app, you can easily set up your profile by sharing your phone number with friends or inviting them to join. You can also add contacts by entering their numbers.
  2. Settings and Upgrades: In the app, you can access your settings, including options for a private number. There is also an option to upgrade to ZANGI Premium for enhanced features at an affordable price of $5 per month.
  3. Privacy Settings: ZANGI Messenger app provides various privacy settings, such as the ability to hide conversations. Some features, like hiding conversations, are available only in the premium version.
  4. Calling and Group Calls: You can make calls by selecting the plus icon and entering the name or email of the contact. The app also supports group calls for multiple participants.
  5. Chat Features: While ZANGI Messenger app offers robust messaging capabilities, users may encounter spam chats at times. This could be a downside of the app, especially if you receive unsolicited messages.

Overall, ZANGI Messenger app is a user-friendly and free messaging platform that offers a good range of features, although it may not be as advanced as WhatsApp. It serves as a viable alternative for those looking for secure and easy-to-use messaging options. Give it a try and explore its functionality for yourself.

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