How to withdraw Worldcoin to your bank account?

Here's how you can withdraw Worldcoin to your bank account using the World app. Currently, the option for bank transfer is limited, and not available in all countries. However, for those countries where it is available, the process is quite simple.

First, open the World app and access your wallet. Look for the Worldcoin option and tap on it. Once you have selected Worldcoin, you will see a menu of options. Tap on "Withdraw" to proceed.

Within the withdrawal section, you will find different withdrawal options. Look for the "Bank Transfer" option and tap on it. Please note that at present, this option is not available for users in certain regions.

If you can access the bank transfer feature, you will be able to choose your preferred currency. The available countries and currencies will be displayed on the screen. For instance, if you are in Europe, you can withdraw to your Euro bank account in countries like Austria. Hong Kong and India also offer this feature.

To give you a better example, let's say you are in Slovenia. If the bank transfer option is available in your country, you can select Slovenia as your location and proceed with the withdrawal process.

Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that not all countries are currently supported for bank transfers. The availability of this feature may vary depending on your location.

In conclusion, withdrawing Worldcoin to your bank account is possible through the World app. However, it is essential to check whether bank transfer is available in your country, as this option is limited. Stay updated with the World app for the latest updates regarding this feature.

Please note that the content of this article is based on the provided video transcript, and it is advisable to refer to the official documentation or contact Worldcoin support for any specific queries or concerns regarding the withdrawal process.

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