How to zoom on profile picture in BeReal app?

so this is be real can you zoom on profile picture so for example if I just go to my friends list and then I want to zoom in on someone's profile picture to see it closer so I just tap on that and then actually yeah I what I can do I can just go to profile and how it works on be real that profile Banner is basically a bigger profile picture so yeah I can actually zoom in on the profile picture just by going to the account and then I can drag a bit to the bottom like uh I don't know how to sometimes when you just drag it then you can expand it even a bit more um so yeah like you you can do that so something like that I would just yeah so here you can just drag a bit and of course yeah so just drag with two fingers and then you will be able to zoom in on the profile picture because again on be real profile picture if you go to profile it's just basically a banner um so try to do that um yeah what else yeah of course you can just take a screenshot of of that profile photo and then just zoom in on screenshot on your device if you really want to zoom in around so that's what it is

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