How We Feel app - FULL OVERVIEW

Here's interesting app called How We Feel, an emotional wellbeing journal. So let's just install it and see what's the hype around it. It's a free app created by scientists, designers, engineers, and therapists to help people better understand their emotions and find strategies to help them navigate their emotions in the moment. So it's created with the help of Yale University Center for Emotional Intelligence. Founded as a science-based nonprofit, How We Feel is made possible by donations from people who are passionate about bringing mental wellbeing to the wildest possible audience. Our data privacy terms are clear and easy to understand. All of your data is kept on your device unless you opt in to send an anonymized version of your check-ins to be used in your search to help more people. So yeah, there you have it. So this is the app. It's a free app made possible so by donations. So definitely give it a try. It's kind of like daily wellbeing journal, as I understand. So here you can just accept terms and conditions. So here you can just accept terms and conditions. So here you can just take a few minutes to get your set up. Type of the color that best describes how you feel right now. Type of the emotion that best describes how you feel right now. Okay, so in that area, you can see different colors and then different emotions here. And then where are you? What are you doing? So yeah, something like that. So this is kind of like the first check-in in the app. It looks pretty interesting. So let's just explore. How often do you want to check in? So let's just say one time per day. You can also choose like two times per day, three times per day, four times per day. What time do you want to be reminded? So okay, 8am. So and then let's try a strategy. Regulation strategies are short practices that help you manage unhelpful emotions. When you're dealing with another person, interpersonal instructions. Then you can just watch this tutorial if you want. And there you have it. So that's the app is complete. Remember you can check in anytime after you check in three times, you'll unlock your first lesson. So then you can just learn, so you are having a feeling. And then you can just explore all these emotions. Recommended for determined, meet your best self, follow your curiosity, change your action, be mindful, change your thinking. Then you have friends. You can also sign in with Apple. So okay, right. So you can share your emotions with friends. So that's interesting. And then you can just see your overall breakdown and all the emotions you kind of felt and then emotions you felt most often. Your mood during the day, your emotion during the week. So it's kind of pretty cool app. Well designed, feels really nice. Notifications, check in options. You can also enter manually or you can sync with health app, sleep tracking, all of that. But I didn't create an account yet, as you can see. So you can also just, all right, so you can download some data. But yeah, that's the process. You just need to basically check in here and then you can just search through some feelings and then just get a better understanding. So that's the idea. So yeah, that's about that. Hope it is helpful. That's just like an app overview. And then if you want to, you can just create an account here, get started, and then you can just hang out with your friends as well.

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