How We Feel app - how to delete an account?

Hey there, so here is how we fill apps or how to delete your account. So you don't need an account. First of all, actually, you can easily check in here in this app just by following check-ins and without an account. And this app, you can choose yourself if you want to keep the data to send some anonymized data to developers or not. And this app promises to keep your data completely separate. If you still want to delete your account, just tap on the top left, tap on your name and tap to delete account. Make sure you want to delete your account and there you have it. That's how you change. That's how you delete your account, basically. Again, you just need an account if you want to hang out in this app with friends, if you want to add friends and share invite codes. If you don't need to share feelings with friends, you can just use this app without an account and you don't need to delete it later.

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