I cannot find my backup in Worldcoin app - what to do?

In the WorldCoin app, users may encounter the issue of not being able to locate their backup. This becomes particularly crucial if they need to restore their WorldCoin account, especially in light of the significant surge in WorldCoin price in recent times.

Here is what you can do if you cannot find your backup or if you did not back up your account using iCloud, Google Drive, or locally, as suggested in the support center:

  1. If you have not backed up your account, the only option currently available is to enter the password associated with your account. It is essential to remember your password as it is the key to restoring your account.
  2. If you recall your password, you can successfully restore your account. Regrettably, entering the password is presently the sole method to restore the wallet linked to your account.
  3. Not having added your phone number or enabled cloud backups makes it impossible to recover your account. However, there are plans in place for the future to introduce a feature that will allow users to obtain a new world ID or verification.
  4. In case you forget your password, you can select the "forgot password" option. This will prompt you to receive a text message on your linked phone number. It is crucial to ensure your phone number is linked to your account to facilitate this process.
  5. If your phone number is not linked, the options for account recovery are limited. Therefore, it is recommended to access your WorldCoin account promptly, add a backup method, link your phone number, and verify it to prevent encountering such issues in the future.

As of now, these steps represent the current protocol for addressing backup and account recovery issues within the WorldCoin app. Stay updated on any developments or enhancements that may be introduced to simplify this process in the future.

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