Users have been encountering difficulties with adding friends on the Step Up app, as outlined in a recent video transcript. The inability to invite friends through the app has frustrated many users, who have shared their experiences and suggestions for potential workarounds. Here are some key points highlighted in the video:

  • Users have reported that attempting to invite friends via a shared link only redirects them to the App Store without any successful outcome.
  • The app seems to have a bug preventing users from searching for friends by username within the app.
  • One suggested workaround is to create a new group within the app and invite friends to join the group using a specific link provided.
  • If inviting friends individually does not work, users are advised to try inviting them to the group instead.
  • The lack of alternative methods for inviting friends, such as searching by username, adds to the frustration of users facing this issue.

In light of these challenges faced by users of the Step Up app, it may be beneficial for the app developers to address these issues promptly. Engaging with user feedback, especially in app reviews, could provide valuable insights for improving the app's functionality and overall user experience.

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