I can’t make a call in Ten ten app…

Users of the Ten Ten app have recently reported difficulties in making calls within the application. A video transcript reveals that when attempting to initiate a call, the app may unexpectedly quit, causing frustration among users.

The root cause of this issue appears to be related to instances where a user tries to call a contact who is not currently logged into the profile associated with the Ten Ten app. Rather than displaying an error notification, the app simply indicates that it is attempting to connect before abruptly closing itself.

Key points from the video transcript include:

  • The app exits unexpectedly when trying to make calls.
  • The issue occurs when calling a profile that the contact is not logged into.
  • There are no error notifications provided by the app.
  • The app only indicates that it is connecting before shutting down.

While the exact timeline for resolving this issue is uncertain, it is hoped that the developers behind the Ten Ten app will address this bug promptly to enhance the user experience. Until then, users are advised to be mindful of the scenario outlined in the video transcript to potentially avoid encountering this disruptive behavior while using the app.

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