I have Telegram Stars in Telegram Settings

In a recent video transcript, a user revealed the presence of a feature in their Telegram settings called "Telegram Stars." This feature, located under the Telegram Premium section, allows users to manage their "stars balance" and purchase additional stars. Here is a breakdown of the information shared in the video:

  • Upon entering the Telegram settings, the user found the "Your Stars" section positioned just below Telegram Premium.
  • Within this section, users can view their current stars balance and opt to purchase more stars if needed.
  • It was noted that not all users may have access to this feature, which could be attributed to not purchasing their initial stars.
  • The process of acquiring the first stars involves obtaining them from a game or app, although they may not be readily available across all platforms.
  • By making the first purchase of Telegram Stars, users unlock this feature in their menu for subsequent transactions.
  • To procure stars, users can explore options within bots or apps, such as the "Dger King Bot" mentioned in the video, and proceed with purchasing the stars.

This revelation sheds light on an interesting aspect of the Telegram platform, providing users with the ability to enhance their messaging experience through the acquisition and use of Telegram Stars.

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