I never used TestFlight invitation code - I just use invitation link

TestFlight is a popular platform used by developers to beta test their apps before releasing them to the general public. Typically, when using TestFlight, users are required to enter a TestFlight invitation code in order to access the beta version of an app. However, according to a recent video transcript, it seems that some users have found a workaround to this process by simply using an invitation link instead.

In the video, the individual explains that they have never utilized the TestFlight invitation code. Instead, they would visit the app's support center and click on a link provided there. This link would then automatically load the desired app, such as LocketWidget or Apple Bureau app. The process appeared to be seamless, with no need to enter a code in the TestFlight Redeem section.

While this individual's experience may be unique, it is worth noting that many app developers may not always share a specific invitation code for their TestFlight programs. Rather, they may opt to provide a link for users to directly access the beta version of their app. This way, users can simply tap on the provided link and have the app loaded without the need for a code.

It is important to mention that this method may not be applicable to all apps on TestFlight. Some developers may still require users to enter an invitation code in order to access their beta versions. In such cases, users are advised to look for a beta tester program within the app and proceed accordingly.

To summarize, the TestFlight invitation code may not always be necessary to access beta versions of apps. Some developers provide handy links that allow users to easily load the desired apps without the need for a unique code. However, it is essential to check the specific requirements of each app, as some may still rely on the traditional invitation code approach.

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