Ice Poiseidon crypto - what was it?

hello everyone so here is coinbase let's discover if you can get ice posit on token here so no it's not it's not there um yeah i was just interested it started trending everywhere uh so seems um so i supposed on has a lot of views and his youtuber and uh live streamer american internet personality uh and he just uh uh so there you have it so he had some uh project cx coin and uh yeah then he confirmed that he it was just like pump and dumb crypto project uh but he still says he will he will keep the money so yeah that's the idea in case you are watching uh looking for ice posted on crypto or see some like news about it on tick tock or anywhere on twitter that's the story that he it was just a bit of a scam project pumping down but he made a lot of money and then he just basically dumped it uh and yet it's not available on coinbase or anywhere i don't think you should go in there

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