iCloud.com email address Recipient inbox is full

If you have an iCloud.com email address and suddenly find yourself unable to receive emails, there could be a simple explanation – your recipient inbox may be full. This can result in your messages not being delivered and a notification being sent to the sender.

One user recently experienced this issue and shared their story. After encountering problems with their iCloud email address, they received an email from Gmail's mail delivery subsystem stating that their message couldn't be delivered due to the recipient's inbox being full. The user suspects that the issue arose because they had not renewed their subscription for iCloud Plus, which limited their iCloud storage to 5 gigabytes.

Upon renewing their iCloud subscription, the user expected their email service to be restored immediately. However, this was not the case. In fact, it took two days for the old messages to disappear and for the user to start receiving iCloud emails again. This delay highlights a potential issue with Apple's servers or verification system, which appears to function rather slowly.

It is important to note that downgrading your iCloud subscription may result in decreased storage space, which could contribute to an overloaded inbox. However, when upgrading the subscription again, one might anticipate an immediate restoration of service. Unfortunately, as this user found, that is not always the case.

This experience serves as a reminder to carefully manage your iCloud storage and subscriptions to avoid disruptions in your email service. If you encounter similar issues, patience may be required as you await the restoration of your email functionality.

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