ICloud FAMILY SHARING - Overview & how to set it up

hello so here is iphone and here is uh your icloud menu in the settings app and then to set up family sharing just tap on family sharing uh the simple way to share subscriptions purchases icloud storage and more is up to six people in your household so then you can just have set up your family get started by inviting up to five people to join your family you can invite family members using messages smile or airdrop you can also create an account for child in your family so then just invite people like here you can invite so you can share so you can just send that you can try that uh invitations and you will be notified when they join you can use your family members and manage the feature your family is using in settings so now you have uh yeah all your like family account here more to share then you can enable like location sharing uh share location with your family members use location sharing to see the location your family members and find my app uh as you know there are like a bunch of apps which are already doing that but this is super cool to do it with the with the nighttime app and then here is apple cash apple cash family family members who are under 18 and have an apple id account can use apple cash to send and receive money and use apple pay for purchases so you can do that and then you can just start with apple subscriptions you can share apple subscriptions with your family such as apple music apple tv plus apple archive apple news plus apple fitness plus so if i select apple music and then you can just subscribe for the family plan here so that's that's basically it

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