iCloud Photos on iPhone “Downloading…” - what to do?

Recently, iPhone users have been reporting an issue with their iCloud Photos on their devices. The problem stems from attempting to interact with photos in the iPhone Photos app while utilizing iCloud backup. Users have noticed that the photos get stuck in a perpetual state of "Downloading…” accompanied by three dots, rendering them inaccessible. While this may be frustrating, there is a temporary solution to alleviate this issue.

One workaround that seems to have worked for some users involves selecting the photos that are stuck and initiating a slideshow with them. Surprisingly, this action seems to force the download of the photos that were previously inaccessible. By initiating a slideshow, users have been able to overcome the downloading stalemate and access their photos successfully.

If you find yourself facing this downloading issue with iCloud Photos on your iPhone, consider trying out the slideshow workaround as a temporary fix. This method may not address the root cause of the problem, but it should allow you to download and view your photos without getting stuck in the perpetual downloading loop.

Stay tuned for any official updates or permanent solutions from Apple regarding this iCloud Photos downloading issue on iPhones. In the meantime, give the slideshow trick a try and see if it helps you access your photos seamlessly.

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