iCloud+ Private Relay feature - what is it? Quick preview

So here's iCloud Plus and if you upgrade it you can enable a feature called Private Relay. By default it's off. Private Relay hides your IP address and browsing activity in Safari and protects your unencrypted internet traffic so that no one including Apple can see both who you are and what sites you are visiting. So you can just enable that and you need to know without access to your IP address some websites may require extra steps to sign in or access content. So here you can also set up your own IP address location settings. You can keep using your general IP address location so that websites can provide local content in Safari or you can choose to use a broader IP address location in your country and time zone. You can select one of those and yeah so that's basically how you can do that. It's advanced privacy feature from iCloud Plus so you need to be upgraded to iCloud Storage to get that I guess. Yeah so that's the process.

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