ID BY AMO app - HOW TO USE? Full overview

The ID By Ammo app has been making waves in the social media world, rising high in the charts and piquing the interest of users. This app brings together elements of Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, offering a unique social experience for its users.

At first glance, the app has a minimalistic design, but navigating through it can be a bit complicated. One small drawback is that in order to create an account and start using the app, you need to invite at least one friend. Some users have reported issues with accepting friend requests, preventing them from accessing the app. This bug needs to be addressed by the developers.

Once you have created an account and added friends, you can start exploring the app's features. Each user has a visual ID, which is a drawing board where you and your friends can add different collages, images, stickers, and more. This visual aspect makes the app stand out from other social media platforms.

The app also includes a global feed where you can discover and explore the creations of other users. The quality of images shared on this platform is impressive, and some users have showcased their creativity in amazing ways. You can also save drops (as the app calls them) and report any inappropriate content you come across.

Aside from creating your own profile, you can add friends, share invitations, and connect with your existing contacts. The app is still in active development, so there are some bugs and improvements that need to be worked on. Privacy settings are available, including a private mode that limits access to only people in your phone contacts.

Changing your profile picture is a unique feature of the app, as it allows you to scan and select an image from your camera roll. Overall, the ID By Ammo app presents an interesting concept of visual social media with a focus on collaboration and creativity.

While the app is still relatively unknown and has received mixed reviews from users, it is important to keep in mind that inviting friends and syncing contacts is part of the development strategy to boost the app's popularity. It remains to be seen how the app will evolve and whether it will gain traction in the social media landscape.

As more users explore and experiment with the ID By Ammo app, additional features and improvements are expected to be introduced. The discovery of new and interesting content within the app adds to its appeal and keeps users engaged.

In conclusion, the ID By Ammo app offers a fresh take on social media by combining visual elements, collaborations with friends, and the ability to express oneself creatively. With further development and bug fixes, the app has the potential to become a popular platform for sharing and discovering unique content.

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