ID by amo app - you need to invite 1 friend to create an account

There is a new app making waves in the tech world called ID by ammo. However, it comes with a unique requirement - you need to invite people to create an account. This app has caused quite a stir as users are not too happy about having to invite friends just to gain access.

To use ID by ammo, you must invite at least one person. Many find it frustrating that the app puts this restriction upfront, preventing users from exploring its features without inviting friends. Furthermore, the app demands access to your contacts. Without granting permission, you won't be able to proceed. This aspect of the app has also irked some users, who feel their privacy is compromised by uploading their contacts to the app's servers.

Even after successfully inviting friends, some users have reported difficulties in accessing the app. While it eventually worked for some users, it remains puzzling why certain individuals still face barriers to entry. If you encounter any issues, the app provides an option to seek assistance through their Instagram or in-app support.

Despite the initial hurdles, ID by ammo offers an intriguing concept that has caught the attention of many. It promises a unique experience once you surpass the entry requirements. Whether or not the app's innovative features and interface can justify the somewhat controversial invitation policy remains to be seen.

In conclusion, ID by ammo has gained popularity, but its requirement to invite friends in order to create an account has divided opinions. While some find it frustrating and are skeptical about sharing their contacts, others are willing to give it a try for the potential benefits it may offer. If this app interests you, be prepared to reach out to your contacts and ensure a seamless experience.

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